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Quinn's Crossing is a community dedicated to the ethos of putting the earth first. Nearly 70% of the land will never have a home, a road or a building. Even the homes will be created with an eye toward sustainability. Homebuilders will meet a minimum BuiltGreen™ 3-Star rating in accordance with the standards of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. An innovative wastewater treatment system with 24/7 web-based monitoring will protect water quality in the surrounding wetlands and watershed. Homeowners will be encouraged to landscape and maintain their yards without dangerous herbicides and pesticides. The end result will be a very serene, private and vital community for generations to come. Not to mention, a truly beautiful and inspiring place to live.

Eco Park: Your Neighborhood Place to Be
Only steps away lies Eco Park. Set in the middle of Quinn's Crossing neighborhood, it's easy to go one-on-one in a game of Bocce or to enjoy nature at its best. The park's elegant style combined with natural settings promotes a close knit community, offering residents an open space to mingle.

But it gets even better: since the Quinn's Crossing team is committed to using green resources and land preservation, we've designed Eco Park to be eco-friendly — hence the name. So go ahead, feel free to bask at Eco Park. It's your chance to take a load off while supporting a greener cause.

Making a Greener Difference

Each home at Quinn’s Crossing will be Built Green, with a minimum 3-star rating. So what does this mean?

Being Built Green means our homes are crafted to be resource-efficient, providing owners with years of healthy living while protecting the Northwest environment and saving you money in day-to-day operating costs.

To reach the 3-Star certification level, Quinn's Crossing homebuilders track all green resources and techniques used, each positive step earns points on a Built Green standards checklist. 3-star homes meet the 3-star point level. 4-Star and above require additional points and independent third party verification.

For more information about Built Green, visit their website at

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